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Dev Diary 3 - Individuals

Hello! Today's developer diary is about the driving force behind production and all other activity in Seasteader - the seasteaders. These are the individuals that make up the population of your seastead. They're both the source of production and expansion, as well as the source of whatever problems you might experience should their happiness dip too low or their anger rise too high.

Happiness and anger are the two ways in which your approval by each individual is measured. There are 8 types of happiness: home, work, financial, food, relaxation, entertainment, social and environment. These can swing wildly in a matter of weeks, days or even hours. Usually, you can compensate for lower happiness ratings in a few forms with higher happiness ratings in others since the average happiness is calculated on a daily basis. The anger rating, however, spikes up very quickly, subsides very slowly, and can't be evened out by other elements. So even an otherwise happy seasteader can decide to revolt if he gets evicted enough times or goes enough days without food.

Experience is an individual's measure of competency, and is calculated separately for each career. Although some buildings do share a career type - such as the plastics plant and oil refinery both being staffed by petrochemical engineers - most buildings will have their own profession. An individual's experience level will determine how efficient he is at doing his job, with different professions having different ranges of efficiency. For example, an inexperienced fisherman might catch fish at half the rate of a moderately experienced one, but an inexperienced engineer could produce goods at a quarter or even a tenth of the rate of an experienced one. For this reason, it is important to influence which workers work where.

This was just a quick overview of some of the important parts of managing your seasteaders. We'll be attacking each of the topics in more detail in the dev diaries to come, so keep an eye on the site, and remember to follow on Twitter if you aren't already!

Note: The game is still in development and features are subject to change before release.