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Dev Diary 2 - Production

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second dev diary for Seasteader. Today I'll be telling you about what is probably the core of the game economy - production. There are two major tiers to it - raw production and manufacturing - with a smaller midway tier that I'll tell you about in detail in a few paragraphs.

First off, raw production. These could be described as buildings that don't need another resource to produce their own resources. While we could argue about the philosophy or sustainability of producing something from nothing, in the gameplay sense, it is mostly true. I say "mostly" because, while there are some buildings, such as the fishery, which begin catching fish and producing their resource as soon as they're built, there are other buildings, such as the sand dig or the oil platform that need to be placed over a natural resource - shallows and oil, respectively - to work. This latter category of buildings will require some strategic decision-making and will greatly influence the layout of your seastead.

The other production tier is manufacturing. These are buildings that need one or more input resources to create a resource of their own. For instance, a brewery will produce beer, but it will only be able to do so if it has hops in storage. The stored hops will be consumed during the production, and beer is the output good that is produced. Manufacturing buildings will make up production chains, which can be set up from the raw producing buildings all the way through to top-level, high-price manufacturing for maximum profit.

Finally, a word on the in-between buildings. These are buildings that don't need input resources in storage to produce, but they do need another active building on the Seastead before they can function. An example would be the plastics plant. Plastic is made from oil byproduct, and while the plastics plant consumes neither crude oil nor gasoline as input resources, it needs a functioning oil refinery to be able to produce its own resources.

These are the two-and-a-half categories of production buildings you'll be encountering in the game. We'll be shipping it with some pretty intricate production chains, but if that's not enough, the game will be fully moddable to allow for potentially infinite numbers of resources, buildings and production chains. Keep an eye on the site or follow us on Twitter for more dev diaries.

Note: The game is still in development and features are subject to change before release.