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Seasteader - Official Announcement

We're proud to finally announce Seasteader, an open-ended city-building game with management strategy elements.

As the founder of your seastead, a floating community over water and outside of the laws of nations, you will create a society entirely managed by you and your fellow settlers. How much freedom you wish to give them to compete with you is entirely in your hands.

Will you establish a sprawling maritime metropolis, or a tight-knit colony of neighbours?

Will you welcome and work together with entrepreneurial fellow seasteaders, try to undercut them at every corner, or perhaps simply run them out of business using your own authority?

Will you be an exporting powerhouse focused on maximum production, or maintain a closed system where everyone contributes and everyone's needs are met?

Will you become a ruthless autocrat, a benevolent overlord, or something in between?

With the potential for endlessly different playthroughs, the choice is entirely yours.

Stay tuned to the site and follow on Twitter to get more updates as they arrive, including dev diaries which we'll start releasing within the next few weeks.

Note: The game is still in development and features are subject to change before release.